Short Term Leases

short-term-leasesWhether you would like to rent full-time or temporary office space, our terms are flexible and we are able to provide you office space on a short or long term basis. Conventional office space requires long term leases from three to five years. At Atrium Executive Business Centers, we offer short term leases as low as month to month. Short term leases give you the flexibility to grow your business without long term commitments and expenses.

Another added value to the short term leases is that you are contracting for all your services short term, not just your office space. In addition to signing a long term lease with a building landlord, you are required to sign long term contracts for your Internet, phone services and equipment such as copiers, etc. This is not the case at Atrium Executive Business Centers because all of the services you need, and more, are available and included in your low monthly amount.

Smart businesses know the need to be flexible like being able to make adjustments and keep the business on tract regardless of surrounding issues such as:

  • Disaster recovery
  • Start up business
  • Down-sizing
  • Construction delays
  • Funding restrictions

Officing is a something you do. Atrium is not just an office – its officing as it should be.

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