High Speed Internet

high-speed-internetThe terminology High Speed Internet Access no longer applies in today’s world with dial up being a thing of the past. The amount of bandwidth that is available to the end user coupled with the technology and provider are the important questions to be answered. In today’s world, more people are on the Internet more hours of the day and using more bandwidth. Atrium not only contracts with the most respected ISP’s; they also ensure that each business center has plenty of bandwidth for each user’s needs.

Here at Atrium, we are able to customize your Internet service. We provide you with the necessary bandwidth, reporting features, public IP address, VOIP, etc. Using the newest technology available, Atrium manages the bandwidth to ensure each user always has the access his business requires.

Our staff is trained to get you started and make adjustments as you may need. There isn’t any need to spend extra money hiring an IT company to build your network in the business center.

Officing is a something you do. Atrium is not just an office – its officing as it should be.

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