Virtual Programs

virtual-programsDifferent types of businesses need different services. Do you ever wish you could just go to one service provider and get all the services that you need? Atrium makes it easy for you. Start with one of our basic programs and customize it to your needs with additional services.  It’s that easy!

Virtual offices can be the first step to a full time office or it can be the only solution needed. Either way, as an Atrium client, your business is important to us. We have business lounges, hot-desks, conference rooms, online scheduling, receptionists, mobile applications, and locking mailboxes. You can even take a phone to your home office so you can maintain those professional calls with all the conveniences. Our virtual clients enjoy the same beverage service with flavored coffees and teas at no additional cost just as the full time office clients. Our short-term leases provide the flexibility your business requires.

Officing is a something you do. Atrium is not just an office – its officing as it should be.

Virtual Offices
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