Why Atrium?

Short Term Leases

Whether you would like to rent full-time or temporary office space, our terms are flexible and we are able to provide you office space on a short or long term basis. Conventional office space requires long term leases from three to five years. At Atrium Executive Business Centers, we offer short term leases as low as month to month. Short term leases give you the flexibility to grow your business without long term commitments and expenses. Learn More

Flexible Office Space

Office business centers are a flexible solution over a long term office space lease and allow you to  upsize or downsize quickly. Flexible office space is a smart alternative to traditional office space lease as it offers great advantages like adaptable work spaces that grow with your business. You get precisely the space you need, and avoid paying for what you don’t. Flexible office spaces are particularly appealing to start-up companies, entrepreneurs and small business professionals. Learn More

Conference & Training Rooms

Atrium Executive Business Centers are complete with conference and meeting rooms. Every location has at least two conference rooms. The large conference room seats 10-16, contains a dry erase board cabinet, and a drop down projector screen. The small conference rooms seats 4-8 with a dry erase board. Each room is complete with Internet access, Wi-Fi, speaker phones, bottled water and more. Learn More

Receptionist & Admin Support – Personalized Answering

You can get a fully-equipped office without the hassle and overhead of traditional leases or staffing costs. No need to buy equipment, pay salaries or provide benefits. Atrium provides you with the fully-trained and friendly support staff you need. Learn More

Phone & Voicemail Services — VOIP – Free Long Distance

Atrium’s technology networks all of its locations together providing you with a live receptionist at all times. Your phones are answered exactly the way you request them to be. Information about your company is posted on the screen when a call comes in which enables the receptionist to answer questions and direct calls accordingly. Learn More

High Speed Internet

The terminology High Speed Internet Access no longer applies in today’s world with dial up being a thing of the past. The amount of bandwidth that is available to the end user coupled with the technology and provider are the important questions to be answered. In today’s world, more people are on the Internet more hours of the day and using more bandwidth. Atrium not only contracts with the most respected ISP’s; they also ensure that each business center has plenty of bandwidth for each user’s needs. Learn More

Furnished Offices Fully Equipped or Unfurnished Offices

It is Atrium’s policy to allow you to set up your office to fit you. We understand that you want to bring your own furnishings and hang your accomplishments or family photos on the wall. We believe that it is your office, not ours. Therefore, we don’t make you fit into a molded office with strict rules. We want you to create the environment that will make you the most productive so your business will thrive. Learn More

Networking Events

Atrium has changed the face of networking. We host monthly events that provide a synergistic marketing solution. Sharing your office space with related professionals, you can enjoy the synergy of building your referral base with other similar non-competing businesses. For instance, attorneys specialize in different areas of law. By sending referrals or consulting together, they will benefit from the environment Atrium has created. Having people to socialize with creates a stimulating, supportive and sustainable work environment. Learn More

Virtual Offices
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