company Atrium Executive Business Centers are full service office business centers, formally known as executive suites. Although there are many companies that run office business centers, Atrium distinguishes itself from the others through its services. Atrium prides itself on putting customer service at the highest level. We want our clients to feel that we support their business endeavor. We believe that we can make a difference in the success of your company. Your success is our success.

Would you make a decision to share office space with someone without knowing their phone system, operating procedures, goals? Let us share ours with you.

Atrium has networked all of its locations together, therefore providing a receptionist to answer your calls from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. Your calls will not go directly to voicemail because the person at the front desk had to step away from the desk, the building had a fire drill, etc.

When your calls are answered by an Atrium receptionist, your company information appears on the computer screen. The receptionist simply reads the customized information provided. Your calls are handled the way you requested, every time.

We do not charge our clients for checking their mailbox, delivering packages directly to their office, unlocking their office, and much more.

We host the Atrium Networking Group meetings at each location. Atrium clients enjoy this convenient and productive addition as a means for increasing their business.

Atrium’s team consists of dynamic, professional, caring individuals. We want you to enjoy your office atmosphere and accomplish your business needs in the most productive fashion. Our reputation is dependant upon each and every client’s satisfaction.

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